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over twisted thread
Posted by: Matthew Paul (---.lightspeed.milwwi.sbcglobal.net)
Date: April 20, 2017 12:09AM

got a couple of cobalt blue thread from Pacbay and they along with the gold seem to have been over twisted as they come off the spools in coils and have to strip off several yards and run it from spool to end to take out the excess twist if I didn't do it doesn't let the thread lay with out gaping on a wrap.
Has anyone ever had this problem ?? with any of their threads if so what brand ??
Thank You for you answers. Matthew

The best day to be alive is always tomorrow

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Re: over twisted thread
Posted by: Donald La Mar (---.lightspeed.lsvlky.sbcglobal.net)
Date: April 20, 2017 12:45PM

Never a problem with PacBay. Wrapped several heavy fly rods last year and during the holidays using the cobalt blue with silver shiner trim without issues.

Silk is another matter, where occasionally what should be 50 or 100 weight or 000 is not. Am finishing a fly rod with a single turn inlay of a contrasting color bisecting the guide wraps. Things started out well then some of the single inlaid turns were significantly more pronounced. Thought it was my fault and rewrapped and rewrapped until it dawned on me that maybe it was not me but the thread. Opened a new spool of the same color, size and from the same manufacturer and the problem went away. It proves nothing but I wonder . . .

When I think about it it is sort of surprising the thread manufactures quality control overall is as good as it is.

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Re: over twisted thread
Posted by: roger wilson (---.hsd1.mn.comcast.net)
Date: April 20, 2017 04:43PM

Out of curiosity, what sort of thread tension device are you using.

If you use a tension device that applies tension to the spool and not the thread, it is more likely that you can have stiff thread kink and fly off of the spool as you are wrapping and make the thread handling troublesome.

That is because, you don't actually put any tension on the thread - except when you are wrapping. So, things can happen such that slack develops in the thread path, and if so - stiff line can fly off of the thread spool.

However, if you use a thread tension device that uses tension disks, the thread is under tension between the spool and the tension device, so it is much less likely that stiff thread will fly off of the spool.

For example:


This is a picture of the thread stand and tension device that I have used ever since I started building rods a long time ago.
Notice that in the picture, the thread is under tension between the thread spool and the thread tension device, because the weight of the spool resists movement a bit and the tension disks are adjusted to give the correct tension on the wraps when wrapping. You will notice, that there is tension between the spool and tension disks that preclude line flying off of the spool. Then, when actually wrapping, there is similar tension between the tension disks and the rod guide and blank.

I have an industrial sewing machine and am in the middle of a huge order for cushions for my son. I found that with a recent batch of thread, I had to put additional pre tension on the thread path before the thread went through the tension disks.
This is because the line was stiff and springy and with the straight line feed to the tension disks would sometimes not have enough tension to insure that the thread stayed in the tension disks during high speed sewing. In my case, I have a line guide with three holes in it for the heavy stiff thread. When the thread needs pre tension, I simply out the thread through 2 or three holes to increase the pretension on the thread just a bit. This is a chrome plated smooth edged and smooth holed guide that allows the line to nicely flow around the thread guide but add a small amount of tension to the thread.

Note in the following picture find #20.


This is the three holed thread guide for keeping thread in the correct thread path on the machine. So, I use one, two, or three holes on this thread guide - depending on how much pre tension that I need on the thread.

Good luck

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Re: over twisted thread
Posted by: Matthew Paul (---.lightspeed.milwwi.sbcglobal.net)
Date: April 20, 2017 11:02PM

the tension is from just the rod tip type of tension device I use it is definitely the thread not the application of thread flow to the guide or tension I opened the other spool and it did the same thing before even using it just sitting on the bench, If you strip it off the spool along the length of the bench it is coiled like old mono line use to do and looking at it closely you can see it is over twisted. this is the first time I ever had something like this with thread in 50+ years of building .
the thread it self doesn't look or feel right it isn't not supple and smooth. I think when they wound the spools with the cross wind machine that it wasn't adjusted properly and added twist to the thread as it was wound on the spools .

The best day to be alive is always tomorrow

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Re: over twisted thread
Posted by: roger wilson (---.hsd1.mn.comcast.net)
Date: April 20, 2017 11:55PM

Sounds like a few spools of thread have a date with the garbage can.

Thread is inexpensive in the scope of things. When things like this happens, I find out what is causing the issue - in this case a spool of thread - and just chuck the item so that it can't come back and bite me again.

Just a tiny ripple in the Ocean of life and living.

Be safe

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