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Last Post by Bill Doherty
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trim wraps in the middle of main wrap 960  John Lasky  01/03/2002 10:25AM 
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Wrapping Guides on Ferrules 943  Kerry Bridger  01/03/2002 09:25AM 
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Staples Wood Tone Putty 703  Bob Petti  01/03/2002 11:07PM 
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Inpregnating wood with a finish 712  Stephen Ashcraft  01/03/2002 12:19PM 
Last Post by Bill Falconer
Butt grip length 1,005  Larry Copas  01/03/2002 05:20PM 
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Rodmaker Magazine in Canada 956  Rolly Beenen  01/02/2002 10:10PM 
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Stripping guide on spiral wrap 1,210  David  01/04/2002 02:14PM 
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Spinning Guide Placement "ON" Spine? 1,019  Rob  01/06/2002 09:20PM 
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exotic woods and black nylon 879  Stephen Ashcraft  01/04/2002 09:11PM 
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Thread size and colour? 792  Preston  01/05/2002 10:32AM 
Last Post by Solana
Building a 9wt-8wt rod with Fuji SF guides 786  Serge THOMAS  01/03/2002 01:15AM 
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No Finish rod blanks 752  Matt Davis  01/02/2002 04:00PM 
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Moerators 792  Tom Kirkman  01/03/2002 10:43AM 
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Replacing double foot guides with New Concept Guides questions??? 821  Steve Wood  01/02/2002 05:04PM 
Last Post by Stephen Ashcraft
Fuji Low Rider guides 696  Felix Cartagena  01/08/2002 07:40PM 
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flex coat problems 735  John  01/03/2002 03:59PM 
Last Post by John
Applying finish success, why didn't I listen 1,039  Elrod (Jon Jenkins)  01/05/2002 03:06PM 
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Ugly Stick Blanks 678  Paul O  01/02/2002 12:26PM 
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3.5 Fly Top availability in Fuji's? 816  Preston  01/02/2002 10:57AM 
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EA guide system revisit 612  Robert Loman  01/02/2002 10:00AM 
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Anyone seen REC's new NBS? 817  Scott Brockwell  01/01/2002 09:43PM 
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Power wrapping - how do you do it? 608  Rob  01/02/2002 07:12PM 
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3M Finishing Pads Grey 7415NA 788  Lee Muschler  01/01/2002 06:12PM 
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best 9'6" to 10' blanks for a fair price 751  Todd  01/01/2002 04:04PM 
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Scotchbrite 7448 Pads 670  Pete Cross  01/02/2002 11:24PM 
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New Forum    Pages: 1 2 3 1,684  42  Tom Kirkman  01/02/2002 11:04PM 
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~~~HAPPY NEW YEAR~~~ 947  Rich Garbowski  01/01/2002 01:06PM 
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Spiral Wrap 642  Sanford Hochman  01/01/2002 12:54PM 
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hardchrome guides- what advantages? 934  chris-flying fish  01/01/2002 12:02PM 
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