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Sticky: Registration Reminder 1,066  Tom Kirkman  12/22/2014 10:51AM 
Last Post by Tom Kirkman
Sticky: Solicitations 9,591  Tom Kirkman  08/31/2011 09:37AM 
Last Post by Tom Kirkman
Sticky: MUST READ - How To Register and Log-in 114,287  Tom Kirkman  01/16/2009 05:22PM 
Last Post by Tom Kirkman
Sticky: Complete Rules - Forum, Photos, Buy/Sell Pages 16,819  Tom Kirkman  01/16/2009 05:21PM 
Last Post by Tom Kirkman
Input on my plan for getting back into this 127  Miles Miller  01/25/2015 06:41PM 
Last Post by Miles Miller
Here's what I'm working on now 115  Kevin Kelly  01/25/2015 04:19PM 
Last Post by Kevin Kelly
Conventional Reels and Large-Diameter Blanks 100  Chris Garrity  01/25/2015 07:16PM 
Last Post by Chris Garrity
EVA Rear Grip 168  16  Jaret Hunter  01/25/2015 08:21PM 
Last Post by Ken Finch
fabricating a new/extended handle - disabled anglers spin cast reel 128  Buzz Butters  01/25/2015 04:26PM 
Last Post by roger wilson
CA Finishing 172  Tom Kirkman  01/25/2015 08:51AM 
Last Post by Tom Kirkman
Room Block 167  Tom Kirkman  01/25/2015 08:50AM 
Last Post by Tom Kirkman
video's 270  David Bourque  01/24/2015 10:10AM 
Last Post by David Bourque
SK2 spinning seats 307  Chris Forslund  01/24/2015 04:17PM 
Last Post by Eric MONTACLAIR
Fuji FGV VSS handle adapter 240  Joe Coughlin  01/24/2015 10:38AM 
Last Post by Garry Thornton
8 wt. fly rod 334  15  Gerald (Jerry) Bouyear  01/24/2015 05:03PM 
Last Post by Randolph Ruwe
Questions/opinions for my first build 356  Joe Coughlin  01/25/2015 10:24AM 
Last Post by roger wilson
Suggestions for a freshwater downrigger rod 229  13  David Boyle  01/25/2015 11:17AM 
Last Post by Steve Satterfield
Winn grips and aero reel seats 344  10  Tim J Kelly  01/25/2015 09:02AM 
Last Post by Tim J Kelly
Guide spacing and guide sizes 257  Glenn McMurrian  01/23/2015 07:00PM 
Last Post by Russell Brunt
GET BIT OUTDOORS - FREE SHIPPING!! 269  Get Bit Outdoors.Com  01/22/2015 06:37PM 
Last Post by Get Bit Outdoors.Com
New Sponsor 498  Tom Kirkman  01/24/2015 11:39AM 
Last Post by Roger Templon
Shrink wrap over EVA 319  Sergiy Korniychuk  01/23/2015 04:25PM 
Last Post by Sergiy Korniychuk
Largest in History 476  Tom Kirkman  01/22/2015 02:05PM 
Last Post by Bill Batson
Can someone tell me... 703  12  Robin Barnes  01/23/2015 07:38AM 
Last Post by Capt Neil Faulkner
For Tom Kirkman 597  Marco Antonio  01/23/2015 08:44AM 
Last Post by Marco Antonio
Flipping/Pitching Rod Suggestions 359  Jay Burns  01/25/2015 03:22PM 
Last Post by Marc Morrone
L.A.R.B.'s Forming NOW and You're Invited! 374  Jim Ising  01/22/2015 09:16AM 
Last Post by Jim Ising
Ice Rods in Action in Canada 309  roger wilson  01/25/2015 02:54PM 
Last Post by Dan Ertz
Winn Grips 475  Chuck Blocker  01/22/2015 07:25PM 
Last Post by Chuck Blocker
Indiana Rod Builders 203  Jared Taylor  01/21/2015 08:40AM 
Last Post by Jared Taylor
Best way to finish this wrap 448  10  joe ponzio  01/22/2015 07:25PM 
Last Post by bill boettcher
Reversed Aero reel seat 507  13  Joe Coughlin  01/22/2015 02:21AM 
Last Post by Gerald (Jerry) Bouyear
Among the Batson distributed blanks 778  19  John E Powell  01/24/2015 06:44PM 
Last Post by bill boettcher
Rod Geeks fly rods 335  Dick Ross  01/20/2015 03:27PM 
Last Post by Ken Finch
Last Call- 381  Tom Kirkman  01/20/2015 12:47PM 
Last Post by Tom Kirkman
Dark Mix, Burnt, or Brown Burl on TN Handles 362  Marc Morrone  01/22/2015 08:10PM 
Last Post by bill boettcher
Merrick Tacklle 697  Bill Eshelman  01/20/2015 07:08PM 
Last Post by Bill Hall
ProWrap metallic colors 598  12  Bil Gburek  01/20/2015 06:10PM 
Last Post by Gerald (Jerry) Bouyear
Blank Suggestions 475  Harry Bell  01/24/2015 11:27AM 
Last Post by Harry Bell
guide spaceing 358  Frank Sulley  01/19/2015 03:56PM 
Last Post by bill boettcher
Evolve Flare guides?? 385  Buzz Butters  01/19/2015 06:00PM 
Last Post by roger wilson
guide spacing starting point for conventional 12 foot surf rod 293  Buzz Butters  01/20/2015 02:30AM 
Last Post by Donald Becker
publicity 581  Phil Ewanicki  01/20/2015 09:28AM 
Last Post by Don @ American Tackle
Shelf-life of ProKote epoxy 468  Todd Noble  01/20/2015 10:45AM 
Last Post by Todd Noble
Replacement for Batson ISB822.5 or XSB822.5 463  11  Jared Taylor  01/20/2015 08:49PM 
Last Post by Jared Taylor
Lure Weight Determination    Pages: 1 2 3 742  49  jim spooner  01/23/2015 02:19PM 
Last Post by jim spooner
New Guide Concept Quandary    Pages: 1 2 766  24  Dan Costanza  01/21/2015 03:49PM 
Last Post by Don @ American Tackle
Led wrapping light 582  roger wilson  01/19/2015 07:58AM 
Last Post by Dave Loren
Left over epoxy 567  Bruce Robb  01/21/2015 10:57PM 
Last Post by Michael Harmon
vivona's visual wrap 467  Frank Uddo  01/16/2015 07:50PM 
Last Post by Tom Kirkman
Lazer guide alignment system 638  14  gary Marquardt  01/20/2015 01:39PM 
Last Post by John E Powell
Very best 7' MH All Purpose Bass Blank 675  17  Joe Johnson  01/22/2015 04:22PM 
Last Post by Craig Freeman
Ohio Rod Builders Gathering 248  Bill Eshelman  01/16/2015 12:04PM 
Last Post by Bill Eshelman
exposed blank reel seat    Pages: 1 2 492  21  mick vickers  01/23/2015 04:01PM 
Last Post by Jim Ising
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